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Debbie Brown has a unique work history encompassing both active private practice in labor and employment and education coupled with in-house attorney and HR professional roles. These experiences have well prepared Debbie to fairly and impartially assist parties in resolving even the most complicated and contentious workplace disputes and litigation. Half and full day scheduling options are available.


Mediation Fees and Policies

All civil mediations are subject to the fees and policies below.


Mediation Preparation

Thirty (30) minutes per side of pre-mediation preparation, including review of confidential mediation communications, is included in the mediation fee. Review of materials or conversation in excess of thirty (30) minutes will be billed to the side requesting such services at the rate of $350/hour (charged in increments of 1/10th of an hour) with those fees to be added to that side’s final invoice.

Travel Time/Travel Expenses

No travel time is charged for mediations throughout the State of Florida. Travel expenses (i.e., mileage, hotel, air fare, and other similar expenses) for non-local travel (mediations outside of Hillsborough, Pinellas, Polk, and Pasco counties) are charged at actual cost.

Location Charges

Neutral mediation conference facilities will be provided upon request. If a space charge is incurred, it will be billed at actual cost without mark-up.

Allocation of Fees and Expenses

Unless otherwise specified herein or agreed by the parties, all fees and expenses be split equally between the parties.

Mediator Fees and Booking Increments/Minimums*

Mediation services are billed at $350/hour. Booking options are as follows:

Half-Day (4 hours) Reserved

  • Two-hour minimum ($700); $350.00/hour thereafter

Full Day (8 hours) Reserved

  • Four-hour minimum ($1,400); $350.00/hour thereafter

* Fees as stated apply unless court order, agency order, or published panel/roster rates dictate different rate, in which case that rate governs.

Payment Terms

Unless alternate arrangements are made at least 5 business days prior to mediation, payment of the mediator’s fees is due and owing at the conclusion of the mediation conference and must be paid within 10 business days following conference completion.


Postponement/Rescheduling/ Cancellation Policy

A 2-hour charge ($700) plus each party’s share of travel expenses already incurred will be applied when a mediation is rescheduled, postponed indefinitely, or canceled with less than 5 business days’ notice.

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